San Francisco AIDS Foundation Special Events

Create Your Own >1 Event

Do you have an event that you would like to participate in while raising funds to help the San Francisco AIDS Foundation end AIDS? You can now create your own fundraising homepage with Greater Than One and have access to all of the great fundraising tools that our event participants use. Whether you want to run a 5K, bike across the country…or anything in between, you can now customize your own fundraising page and even earn fundraising incentives!

Here is how Create Your Own >1 Event works:

Step 1: Select an event that is not already part of the Greater Than One portfolio and give us a call at 415-487-3053.

Step 2: You will pay a $35 registration fee and Greater Than One will get you setup with your own personal fundraising page and URL.

Step 3: Customize your personal page with your story, fundraising goal, a picture and even a personal blog.

Step 4: Start fundraising! You will have access to a number of great tools that can help you send fundraising emails, track your communications, and manage your donor database.

Step 5: Earn fundraising incentives! The following fundraising incentives are available to participants in our >1 Create Your Own Event program.

   $200   Greater Than One Steel Water Bottle 
   $500   Greater Than One Dri-Fit Shirt
$1,000   Greater Than One Visor
$2,000   Greater Than One Messenger Bag  
$3,000   Greater Than One Hooded Sweatshirt

To get started, please contact us at 415-487-3053 or for additional information about the program and how you can help the San Francisco AIDS Foundation end AIDS.