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About San Francisco AIDS Foundation


San Francisco AIDS Foundation works to ensure the HIV epidemic ends in the same city where it began.  By combining innovative, evidence-based programs for HIV prevention and care with bold policy initiatives focused on issues ranging from harm reduction to total health and wellness, the agency is making sustainable progress agaisnt HIV among populations most vulnerable to the disease.  Established in 1982, San Francisco AIDS Foundation refuses to accept that HIV transmission is inevitable. 


Services for Clients

  • The Client Services Department provides a wide range of services to hundreds of people living with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco annually, including referrals to essential community support services and medical care, and client advocacy.
  • Financial benefits counselors help individuals connect to the private and public benefits systems, including the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, General Assistance, Food Stamps, Medi-Cal, Medicare, Social Security and private disability plans.
  • The housing subsidy program provides rental assistance to nearly 400 people living with HIV/AIDS. When people have safe, affordable housing they're far more likely to take their medications, maintain proper nutrition and be emotionally sound.
  • Black Brothers Esteem (BBE) promotes the sexual health and well-being of African-American gay and same-gender loving men by addressing not only issues of HIV, but also poverty, substance use, homophobia and racism.
  • The HIV Prevention Project provides more than 2.3 million syringes annually, helping thousands of exchangers and their partners avoid HIV infection and Hepatitis C, as well as providing medical care, drug treatment counselors and referrals.
  • The Speed Project assists gay and bisexual men who use crystal methamphetamine to understand the connections between substance use and their sexual health and well-being.
  • El Grupo, one of the longest running bilingual support groups for Latinos living with HIV in the nation, provides a safe forum to share information on managing HIV and reducing isolation and stigma.
  • The Stonewall Project is a harm reduction counseling and treatment program for men who have sex with men who want help dealing with speed use in their lives.
  • Magnet provides sexually transmitted infection services, including HIV testing, in the Castro and creates a space for gay men’s social events.

Education and Information  

  • San Francisco AIDS Foundation maintains several websites that provide a range of information about HIV/AIDS issues and the activities of the AIDS Foundation. Some include,, and  

Advocacy and Public Policy Efforts

San Francisco AIDS Foundation advocates at the federal, state and local levels to ensure that hundreds of thousands of people affected by HIV/AIDS have access to care, treatment, housing and prevention services. The Foundation secures federal, state and local government funding for crucial HIV/AIDS-related programs and works to ensure passage of sound HIV/AIDS policies and legislation.

For more information about San Francisco AIDS Foundation, please visit our website.

Client Story - John

John will tell you directly, San Francisco AIDS Foundation helped save his life.

For more than two decades, John refused to come to terms with his status as an HIV-positive black man. He was conditioned from an early age to feel shame - so for more than 20 years he ran from himself. During this time he was lost, angry and depressed. He pushed away family and friends. He battled addiction. He almost lost.

Three years ago, John walked through the doors of San Francisco AIDS Foundation and discovered Black Brothers Esteem (BBE) - a group that helps African-American men find support, love and acceptance. John calls his first meeting with BBE a turning point in his life. He now attends meetings every week. They are his healing place. 

John has reconnected with his family. He's sober. He just marked 25 years in the medical field as an intensive care nurse. He's working on his masters in nursing. He gives regular lectures to college students about HIV/AIDS prevention. And he wants to create an organization that mentors low-income kids, to expose them to different work and educational opportunities.

John says he's learning to live life all over again - and he wouldn't be where he is today without San Francisco AIDS Foundation and Black Brothers Esteem, and people like you who support our work.

Member - Black Brothers Esteem
(Program of San Francisco AIDS Foundation)